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Phone: 954-296-9902
fax: 954-416-1761

About Us

The Big-Hitter-Motors Dealership is founded and based out of South Florida.
We are a family business with 20 years of experience and knowledge behind the brands that we have to offer. We have had the honor to work with and build several dealerships throughout the country to becoming number one! We attribute our success to our irrefutable reputation and relationship, that we have with Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen! We strive to make sure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases and overall experience! The relationship between our customers and staff is one of many incomparable services we have to offer along with the convenience of being open 24 hours daily.

The key to our success is volume! We Buy More So You Pay Less!

If we don’t have the car, truck or SUV that you are looking for we will make it our mission to find it for you!

We offer unlimited financing sources to accommodate your needs.

Contact Info

Address: 12555 Orange Drive : Fort Lauderdale, FL 33330
Phone: (954) 296-9902
Fax: (954) 416-1761